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The only way is up

Opening a door to the real behind-the-scenes of a film or television show, this book explores the reality of working in the Production Office as an Office Production Assistant. Drawing on over 40 years’ combined experience, authors Jennifer A. Haire and Gilana M. Lobel map out a career path into the industry by providing comprehensive practical information designed specifically for individuals pursuing the entry level role of the Office PA.

An invaluable tool for both breaking into the industry and on-the-job, the book is full of detailed “how to” information that not only provides an overview of the full scope of the industry, but also functions as a user’s manual for Production Office operations. Haire and Lobel outline variations of the job of an Office PA nationwide, for both big- and small-budget feature films and television shows, and how you are a vital component of the Production team which can open the door to your future career. With coverage on how the Office PA supports the process of creating a show, the Production staff and crew, the practical day-to-day of the office, and developing your career, this is an essential resource for anyone wishing to take their first steps into the film and television industry. Featuring charts, graphics, diagrams, sample documents, templates, supplemental materials, and lighthearted cartoons throughout the book, the reader is immersed in real-world scenarios which create a solid foundation for how to be a professional in the workplace.

This is an inspiring and practical manual that reveals what is beyond the behind-the-scenes of film and television production. It’s ideal for aspiring film and TV professionals with little to no experience working in Physical Production as well as readers studying film and television production courses and industry training programs.



Jennifer Haire

Jennifer A. Haire is a Line Producer and DGA Production Manager with global feature film and television experience. Proud to be a “Fighting Pickle,” she earned her BFA in filmmaking at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Her commitment to the industry includes serving on the Board of Directors for the Producers Guild of America, IATSE Local 871, and launching international production crew training and production safety education workshops.


Gilana Lobel

Gilana M. Lobel is a New York-based Producer and DGA Production Manager. A graduate of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, School of Filmmaking, her experience with the Production Office comes from working on major feature films and television shows in various capacities. She is dedicated to telling diverse stories and creating a more inclusive work environment by collaborating with industry organizations to encourage upward mobility in film and television.

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