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Hear what readers are saying!

Every line producer and UPM should read this book and keep it as a reference. It covers “soup to nuts” about production department infrastructure.  Schools that teach filmmaking should make this mandatory reading. This is what’s under-the-hood of the car.  With our industry growing so fast, we are faced with more people in key positions with less mentored experience. Even for an experienced soul like myself, it’s a great resource.


Cleve Landsberg, Producer & DGA UPM

"Keys to the Production Office" is just the book I wish I had had when I was starting out in the business.  Being on [a movie or television show for the first time] can feel overwhelming and intimidating, especially when you're new.  Everyone seems to speak in a secret language and there are so many unwritten rules about etiquette and expectations that it's easy to feel out-of-place. [The Authors] have now written all those 'rules' down and help make it easier for office production assistants to be prepared for their jobs.  When I started out as a PA, I spent so much time feeling lost and confused.  If I had had this book, it would have given me much more confidence in those early days and allowed me to relax and enjoy being on [the show].  I hope everyone who is considering working as a PA in film and television buys this book.  They won't regret it.

Ryan McKee, Producer 

This book is a…guide for every person who enters the workplace because it provides down to earth common sense points that should be used in normal business operations no matter what the product or enterprise… the book provides a wealth of informational keys to success in this and many other fields.

Gary H., Corporate and Government Professional

This “book fills a gap in the marketplace.”         Dale Pollock, Former Faculty and Dean; UNCSA School of Filmmaking

It captures the nuance of the job that is nearly impossible to teach. It’s not technically a hard job but so much of it involves critical thinking and good judgment.

Megan J., Production Coordinator

This book would be extremely essential in introducing the office PA world to newcomers (and even a refresher for some) who want to venture into the production office sphere. I thought the inclusion of the graphs, charts and illustrations were a nice addition.

Ebony C., former Production Assistant

[This book] is such a valuable production resource. There are not many guides out there that come with this level of specificity and those wonderful page examples and drawings in the book are extremely helpful as well.  This is an incredible deep dive into the production process and everyone who works within the industry should own a copy.


D. Shahmir, Filmmaker

Such great info on being a PA. I'm going to make your book recommended reading for Production Coordinators.

Carol Kravetz, Retired Production Coordinator, Author/Speaker

Film Industry Training Seminars (F.I.T.S.)

The Production Coordinator: A Production Office Master Class

"The book is great. I have an intern in the office who is obsessed."     Staff Coordinator, Walt Disney Studios

“I wish I had had something like it when starting out."   A. Carter, Vice President Sohonet

“It’s so perfect.  The Office PA world now as the best info”.   PA Bootcamp

"Grateful for you sharing your expertise in this organized manner and concise effective presentation so that it can be learned by those who want to elevate their professionalism from the start. Bought a book today for a budding PA."


Randy Turrow, PGA/DGA

I keep my copy of K2PO in my car so I can consult it on any [production job], at any time. I will reference pages 45, 78, and 79 on every project I am ever hired for, in perpetuity. Keys to the Production Office is funny, one-of-a-kind, and endlessly resourceful. It is truly the key to becoming a successful production office assistant and I believe everyone trying to navigate this industry should consider it an “essential” element in their kit.

K. Westerman, Freelance PA // POC 

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