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2022 K2PO Wrap Up

September - Largest US filmmaker collective presented with Keys to the Production Office

Jennifer Haire shared K2PO with the Indiana Filmmakers Network, presenting the benefits of a foundation in production office operations and how it can lead to any industry career path.

October - Notable industry veterans hail from IU, K2PO guides the next generation of Indiana University filmmakers.

Jennifer Haire enlightened members of the Indiana University Student Cinema Guild on how to navigate getting into the industry when living in a non-production hub.

December - University of North Carolina School of the Arts, School of Filmmaking offered "intensive" workshop on getting started in the film industry using K2PO

Co-Authors Jennifer Haire and Gilana Lobel presented a workshop on how to get started in the industry to students at their alma mater, UNCSA. Featuring guidance from Keys to the Production Office, the seminar encouraged industry entrance through the production office. Students were given an overview of industry challenges they may face, and keys on how to overcome them when entering the workforce post-graduation.

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