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The Next Generation of job-ready professionals in the Mid-West.

The 7th Annual Carmel Film Forum was more than a success. The workshop focused on the film and television production handbook Keys to the Production Office:, Unlocking Success as an Office Production Assistant in Film and Television, and was presented by co-author, Jennifer A. Haire. The astounding interest and turnout proved that a demand for real life Film and Television production training in the Mid-West exists.

The event was held at the Carmel Clay Public Library in Carmel, Indiana, on August 26th and 27th, 2023. In person attendance each day reached over 70 participants, including individuals who drove in from nearby states. Online streaming views surpassed 400, drawing interest from around the globe. Throughout over ten hours of content presented, attendees were engaged, focused, and asked intelligent questions. They were provided with practical, “how-to” information designed to help them adapt professional practices to their projects and advance their careers in the industry.

The Carmel Film Forum is made possible by local sponsorships. Jennifer is incredibly thankful to the City of Carmel and the Carmel Arts Grant for their continual support of the Carmel Film Forum. An impressive thirteen additional Carmel and Indianapolis based vendors graciously contributed goods or services.

“It was such a pleasure working with and getting to know our local resources and vendors and I am glad we were able to incorporate them into the event and showcase their products to the community. Their contributions truly helped us to deliver a professional event that was very much appreciated by all those who attended,” says Haire.

Five raffle winners walked away with copies of Keys to the Production Office, paid for by the Carmel Clay Public Library Foundation.

The Carmel Film Forum is the brainchild of James Moriarty of Moriarty Media. Haire appreciates having had the experience of working with James to bring “Keys to the Production Office” to the Carmel Film Forum for filmmakers in Indiana.


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