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PODCAST Alert: OneOhOne!

We're thrilled to announce another great Podcast we participated in to talk about Keys to the Production Office, LISTEN HERE

One Oh! One is a web series and podcast for young women interested in pursuing careers in the Film and Television Industry. They sit down with industry pros and answer pertinent questions including: how they define their roles, how they began in the industry, the best part of their job and what needs to change. They are passionate about changing the landscape of our industry with more women in leadership roles.

"Two guests at the same time = twice the laughs in this episode with production managers Jennifer Haire and Gilana Lobel. Listen or watch along on our YT channel (Exit 74 Productions) to learn all about being a production manager and potential pathways one can take to becoming a UPM. With the years of experience that both of these ladies have had, Jen and Gilana utilized their down time during the height of Covid to write a wonderful, and necessary, handbook called Keys to the Production Office. Buy and read this book so that you can be prepared to perform above and beyond on your first gig on set!"

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