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2024 So Far - News & Events

It's been such a busy 2024 that we here at K2PO haven't had a chance to share our exciting updates from the past few months. Here's a look at just a few of the things Jennifer and Gilana have been up to:

Back in January, co-author Gilana Lobel began teaching "Career Discovery: Roles in the Entertainment Industry" for ReelWorks in collaboration with the Youth Justice League of New York. This 5-month course takes students on a journey through various job opportunities in film, television and commercial media production, with a primary focus on working in various types of production offices.

At the end of March, we celebrated our 2nd anniversary of the release of Keys to the Production Office with a top 11 spot on Amazon!

In April, Jennifer Haire taught a virtual course, "Basic Budgeting Concepts for Coordinators," for IATSE Local 161. The class focused on how the responsibilities and work done by the Production Office directly relates to the project budget for film and television.

Jennifer also produced a 2-day Digital Assistant Camera training workshop in Indianapolis, Indiana to support up-and-coming camera techs. The content included how the camera department works closely with the Production Office to help achieve the show’s creative vision.

Additionally, two films for which Jennifer served as UPM and Line Producer, respectfully, were released in March and April and are now available to stream. Check out The Prank, starring Rita Moreno and Downtown Owl starring Lily Rabe, now on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video and other streaming platforms.

Coming up on June 13th, we are giving a free 90 minute introduction to working in the Production Office workshop for My First Job In Film, read more about this event and sign up HERE. At the end of July we will be presenting at the UFVA Conference in Cleveland, Ohio to share our knowledge and experience with educators nationwide.

Our Fall is already full of exciting new collaborations, workshops and courses, don't forget to follow us on Instagram to get updates first!


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