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Keys to the Production Office from authors Jennifer A. Haire and Gilana M. Lobel gives the next generation of film & TV pros access to information previously available only to insiders.

New York—February 02, 2022—Keys to the Production Office (Routledge/Focal Press, March 29th 2022, hardback, paperback, e-book, 272 pages, $39.95) ventures where no book has gone before—into the inner workings of the film and television production office. With 40+ years of production experience between them, authors Jennifer A. Haire and Gilana M. Lobel introduce readers to the core of physical production, offering an essential behind-the-scenes guide to individuals beginning their careers in entertainment, and a valuable point of reference for best practices throughout the industry.

The contemporary production office is a professional ecosystem unto itself, with a unique set of hierarchies, workflows and expectations. Until now, there was only one way to get the information necessary to thrive in this environment—working in a production office yourself. In Keys to the Production Office, Haire and Lobel level the playing field, allowing someone with zero experience to step into the role of a production office assistant and prove themselves a valuable addition to the crew.

Featuring chapters such as “Making It Happen, Behind The Scenes”, “Turning the Page on Production Paperwork” and “Mastering the Art of Workplace Performance”, Keys to the Production Office charts the start-to-finish life cycle of pre-production and physical production, and the professional expectations of the Office PA at every stage. From the big-picture essentials such as the organizational structure of the production team and the key role the office plays in a project's success, to such granular details as script collating, office signage and paperwork distribution, Haire and Lobel review every aspect of the job, with no detail too small to escape their attention. In every section and example, the authors' deep knowledge of the culture and practice of the entertainment business is on display—no fewer than four pages are dedicated to the delicate art of ordering lunch!

Keys to the Production Office’s variety of charts, tables and even cartoons provide visual context, and its wealth of document templates and sample materials makes it an indispensable reference for any person on a production, no matter the size or location. An essential chapter, “Reel Life, Unhinged” tracks the nature of the job outside the four walls of the production office, covering professional realities such as the challenge of freelancing, how to grapple with unemployment, and advancing your career through the production office.

“We wrote this book to provide the skills to anyone wanting to open doors to a job in the entertainment industry,” explain Haire and Lobel. “Many writers, producers, directors and even cinematographers began their journeys working in the production office, it’s a great place to start any career path in film and television. This book is our contribution to making the industry accessible to everyone.”

Whatever your career destination, Keys to the Production Office makes certain you start pointed in the right direction. The book is available now for pre-order from Routledge/Focal Press. Advance media review copies can be requested here. Authors are available for interviews, panels and educational appearances.

About the authors

Jennifer A. Haire is a Line Producer and DGA Production Manager with global feature film and television experience. Her commitment to the entertainment industry includes serving on the Boards of Directors for both the Producers Guild of America and IATSE Local 871, as well as launching international production crew training and safety education workshops.

Gilana M. Lobel is a New York-based Producer and DGA Production Manager, her experience with the Production Office comes from working on major feature films and television programs in various capacities. She is dedicated to telling diverse stories and creating a more inclusive work environment by collaborating with industry organizations to encourage upward mobility in film and television.

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